DLF Forum Guide to Relaxation

Please consider some tips and techniques for moments of relaxation that you can use during the DLF Forum and beyond.
Thank you to Community Committee member Laura Wilson for creating this guide.

• Maintain your comfort when watching/participating. Sit somewhere comfortable (you might even switch locations from time to time to mix things up), wear what makes you feel best, keep a drink nearby, burn a candle, rub an essential oil on pressure points or spray a favorite room scent if this is something you enjoy.

• Step away from the screen(s)! Consider closing your laptop, pressing ctrl+alt+del on your desktop, locking your iPad, etc. Stand up and walk away from your tech – don’t be tempted to pick up your cellphone as a substitute.

• To give your eyes some rest from too much screen time, consider looking at something far away at least once every hour or so, or reading a book or short article in print format.

• Get creative with some adult coloring, crocheting, journaling, whatever arty outlet you choose.

• Have a cup of tea or juice, and a light mind-boosting, stress relieving snack – some recommendations are dark chocolate, almonds, honey, mango, or anything crunchy: carrots, pretzels, celery with peanut butter.

• Stretch! Unclench your jaw and relax your shoulders. You can use this great guide on the best moves for office workers i.e., those spending a lot of time at the computer, or seated in office style chairs. Use a foam roller/pressure massager if you have one. If the tapping technique is something that interests you, consult this article from Harper’s Bazaar.

• Open a window or step out in the air for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths and enjoy the freshness of outside.

• Breathe! University of Michigan has some wonderful instructions on three stress busting techniques. If you own an Apple Watch, use the Breathe app to focus in.

• Take a power snooze. Some studies show that 15-30 minutes can be more beneficial than longer periods of sleep in the middle of the day. Also consider following The Nap Ministry on social media – an organization founded by Tricia Hersey that promotes the revolutionary and resistant power of napping in a world obsessed with productivity and exploitative capitalism.

• Recite some affirmations about yourself (you might even do this in front of a mirror, or particularly loudly). Alternatively make a list of things you are grateful for, or three good things that have happened to you this week.

• Listen to a favorite song or watch a silly cat video on YouTube.

• Cuddle a pet, plush toy, or even just wrap your arms around your body and embrace yourself!

Guided Meditations

The website Mindful has a number of great guided meditations for lots of different purposes: you might consider the 10 minute exercise to curb gossiping, or a 15 minute guided meditation on the Pride flag.

Some popular meditation or mindfulness apps include: Insight Timer, Headspace, Calm (these may offer in-app purchases for premium features).

Follow these instructions from Anxiety Canada to perform a simple but effective grounding body scan.

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