Thank you to our sponsors


AVP is a data management solutions provider. Our experts offer proven approaches to help you protect, manage, and use the data and information assets you care about. We aim to be collaborative with our colleagues in the digital preservation community by supporting the Forum and raising awareness about principles and innovations in digital preservation.

We help make culturally significant content discoverable and usable online for the long term.

Data Curation Experts (DCE) is a small software design, development, and consulting firm that focuses on building and supporting sustainable digital repository solutions through open source technologies.

For institutions looking to build and support their own repository internally, our engagements focus on collaborative development and knowledge transfer.

For institutions who want to focus on managing their content instead of technology, we offer hosted solutions as well. We are excited to sponsor the Forum again.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage with the community. We always walk away from the DLF Forum having learned so much.

Unlock your Archives, Exhibit your content, Promote Discovery

Quartex, the digital collections platform from Adam Matthew Digital, enables you to easily publish, showcase, and share your archival materials with a wide community of users. 

Based on over 15 years of experience publishing digital primary source collections that are easy to manage and rewarding to explore, Quartex provides powerful upload and cataloging features and intuitive design elements with which to create visually dynamic digital collections sites.

With digital access to archives never so important as now, Quartex will extend your reach in new and innovative ways. Find out more at


Ubiquity Press is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals, books, and next-generation institutional repositories. Our flexible publishing model makes open access affordable and enables researchers around the world to find and access the information they need, without barriers.


Control how and where your digital content is preserved by using the DuraCloud open-source software program developed by LYRASIS in close partnership with the University of California at San Diego’s Chronopolis program and the Texas Digital Library. Visit the DuraCloud booth at DLF to learn how each organization is committed to providing digital preservation services rooted in a commitment to openness, transparency and no empty promises.

DuraCloud provides:

File agnostic storage
Smart preservation tools for safety and security
Regular bit-level integrity checks for all files being stored
Options for automatic content replication between storage provider locations
Direct integration with Chronopolis: a geographically distributed, academic-supported preservation network
Hosting services available through LYRASIS and the Texas Digital Library 
A supplement layer to proprietary cloud services so they come closer to digital preservation good practices


Digital Bedrock provides secure, managed digital preservation services.

Our clients entrust us with preserving and safeguarding their valued digital cultural heritage content, unique holdings, and records to ensure their content is usable into the future, without the need for software licenses, subscription fees, or staff training.

We manage the content over time by monitoring its bit health and format obsolescence vulnerabilities, as well as managing geographically dispersed redundant storage for disaster recovery. While our preservation storage and services are off-line for ultimate security, we can also provide clients the option of “hot” online cloud storage.

We’ve preserved over 3 PB of data for libraries, museums, archives, and non-profits who view us as their trusted preservation partner. Whether you have 50 GB or 500 TB, all clients receive the same amount of care.