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Session Highlight: Birds of a Feather Sessions at the DLF Forum

Team DLF is excited to bring a new session format to our virtual 2021 Forum: Birds of a Feather, or BOAF, sessions. These sessions were developed in direct response to feedback last year requesting more video and live session time in future CLIR virtual events. BOAF sessions are 25-minute live video discussions where folks can discuss a topic of the presenter’s choice. These roundtables are opportunities for ideas to be shared and questions to be asked in the spirit of shared knowledge. In our Call for Proposals, we suggested BOAF sessions as a great place to ask for feedback on projects folks are currently working on or framing the discussion around a focused question. Considering the majority of our programming is pre-recorded (some with option of live question and answer period), we’re happy to be able to offer live sessions like BOAF. 

Join a BOAF at the Forum and be in conversation with colleagues around specific topics. Each session is designed to run for 25-minutes (with exception of the Immersive Pedagogy session, see more below), but if the conversation is too good to stop, there is space to take it to a spillover room, which session presenters and moderators will set up and help you find. 

BOAF Session A

November 1, 1:00pm ET

Weaving Knowledge Networks: What are your library inreach strategies? 
Presented by Krystal Boehlert, Sandy Enriquez, Rachel Starry

This BOAF conversation invites participants to share their ideas, practices, and strategies for weaving together disparate organizational threads into active collaboration networks. Developing new library services, designing new programming, creating new infrastructure all require flexible relationships and cross-unit cooperation. Does it help to reframe concrete “silos” as permeable networks?

Failure is an Option: Creative, inclusive, and accessible data workshops
Presented by Halle Burns, Christina Miskey, Rebecca Orozco

Many people new to data work can feel overwhelmed. However, librarians can empower new learners to utilize unfamiliar methods and software. This session will engage attendees in brainstorming and reflecting on more approachable and effective ways to teach data literacies and forward inclusive data communities.

Not Doing More with Less: Advocating for Sustainable Digital Projects
Presented by Julia Corrin, Erin White

Mass digitization projects reached their zenith in the early aughts. Years later, our institutions are feeling the strain. What does it look like to sustain legacy digitization projects in light of increasingly austere research library budgets and the ongoing imperative to launch new projects? Join us for a birds of a feather session to talk about sustainably resourcing work in digital collections.

BOAF Session B

November 1, 1:30pm ET

Community-Built Accessibility: Resources, Policy, and Testing
Presented by Gabriel Galson, Debbie Krahmer, Lydia Tang

Digital accessibility is an essential component for equity and inclusion. Representatives from the DLF Digital Access Working Group (DAWG) and Born Digital Access Working Group (BDAWG) will discuss collaborative initiatives towards building resources, policies, and testing workflows for accessibility in GLAM repositories. Learn about these ongoing initiatives and join us!

Building for Tomorrow: recommendations for feedback
Presented by Stephen Abrams, Sara Rogers, Ann Whiteside

The Building for Tomorrow project has developed recommendations for designers, architectural archivists, digital preservationists, and software vendors for effective long-term preservation of digital design files and the ability to experience them appropriately future, all responding to intellectual property issues in collecting and archiving design records.

Teach Me about the Anthropocene: a Birds of a Feather Teaching with Archives Workshop
Presented by Itza Carbajal, Sam Meier, Claire Williams

Environmental records exist in many archival collections, from fossil fuel environmental reports to photographs of changing natural and societal landscapes. As interest or curiosity increases on issues of environmental change, given ongoing dialogue and developing local, national, and global policies, archivists and archival collections find themselves at a critical point of intervention.

BOAF Session C

November 2, 1:00 pm ET

Create, Develop, Sustain: A Discussion of “Tiers” of Digital Preservation for Library-supported Projects
Presented by Rachel Appel, Jennifer Garçon, John Pollack, Sam Sfirri

Penn Libraries has developed a set of “tiers of digital preservation” for digital scholarship projects. Our goal is to factor in long-term planning for all projects created with library support. This BOAF session will present the challenges of appraising digital scholarship projects and matching them with digital preservation services.

Immersive Pedagogy: Distant Learning in Virtual Reality with Mozilla Hubs 
Presented by Jessica Linker, Henry A. Wermer-Colan, Heidi Winkler

The #DLFteach Working Group will host a virtual event in Mozilla Hubs to enable forum attendees to interact with one another in an immersive 3D space. Conference attendees, and contributors to the #DLFteach Toolkit Volume 2 on Immersive Pedagogy (2021), will be invited to present their work and 3D assets.

Note: This session will take place for the full hour, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm ET. Folks are welcome to participate during that entire time.

Towards a Structural Approach: How Do We Address the Root Causes of Bias and Inequality in Digital Environments?
Presented by Audrey Altman, Natalie Fulkerson, Jackson Huang

Identifying and addressing biases in our technologies often happens on a case-by-case basis. However, because our institutions and platforms exist in broader political contexts, sustainably addressing these inequalities requires an understanding of the structural nature of the problem. This discussion links the technical and political in digital library decision-making.

BOAF Session D

November 2, 1:30pm ET

Continuation of Immersive Pedagogy: Distant Learning in Virtual Reality with Mozilla Hubs 

Developing a Metadata Interview
Presented by Hannah Calkins, Kara Long

This is a guided discussion of interview techniques in metadata work. We’ll discuss documentation used in our work to guide interview questions and quickly develop an understanding of incoming projects. We also seek feedback on developing Metadata Interview Guidelines or shared documentation to benefit the wider community of metadata professionals.

Exploring How the Digital Library Community Can Promote Climate Justice
Presented by Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Julia Kress, Lisa Spiro

Join with DLF colleagues to discuss how we might join together to promote climate justice.

Web Archiving: collecting and preserving websites created by the Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas, UNAM
Presented by Jo Ana Morfin, Carolina Silva

This proposal describes the project led by the scholar Carolina Silva. It aims at researching strategies for preserving ten websites created by the Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas, UNAM. It explores the challenges of web archiving online contents that were created using different programming languages and platforms